The Sioux Falls Catholic School System holds true to the vision of being a Christ-centered community providing a financially viable, world class education for an increasing number of children. Our six elementary schools provide a comprehensive faith-based education, beginning at three years of age with preschool classes. We also offer integrated before and after school care, as well as integrated tutoring for children of every skill level and ability.

Our SFCS students as a whole perform well above the local, state and national average on standardized tests. In 2012 O’Gorman ACT scores were an average of 3 points higher than both state and national scores with 99% of students testing (an average of only 47% of students tested nationally).


The Class of 2012 is also a great example of the long-standing tradition of quality education at Sioux Falls Catholic Schools.

• O’Gorman has been named a NCLB “Blue Ribbon School” by the U.S. Dept. of Education two times, once under the original criteria, and once under the more stringent guidelines.

• O’Gorman has been named a Top 50 Catholic high school in the nation every year since the National Catholic High School Honor Roll award’s inception.

On average, 90% of O’Gorman students attend four-year colleges and graduate in four years, with another five percent attending vocational/technical or community colleges. The remaining five percent enter the military or enter the work force.

The Senior Christian Service classes (seniors only) served approximately 4,500 hours in 2012-2013, working in nursing homes, hospitals, schools, helping people with disabilities and more. This is in addition to the tens of thousands of hours our SFCS students spend annually in Christian service throughout the community.

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