Preschool – Ages 4-5 Preschool Curriculum

Preschool is a time of significant growth and exploration. The curriculum that we utilize addresses these key areas:

Faith development. The love of Jesus and the story of his life and family are taught using the Harcourt Religion Series for Catholics designed specifically for three, four and five year olds. Faith concepts are developed through the liturgical seasons of the Church. Students learn and practice prayers. Prayer is integrated into the start and end of each day.

Pre-readiness and readiness skills. We help students learn colors, shapes, counting, patterns, the alphabet and letter sounds through multi-media instruction. Students learn to take turns, listen and share. The environment is stimulating and interesting with varied repetition and exposure to readiness concepts.

Fine and gross motor skill development and practice. Students have an array of opportunities to utilize, explore and develop their fine and gross motor skills. Fine motor skills are developed using coloring, cutting, art activities and writing projects. Instruments and materials used reflect the learning and skill level of the child. Through creative play and formal instruction preschoolers gain skill in running, jumping, skipping, ball handling and eye-hand coordination.

Language skill development. Many of the preschool experiences are intensely language enriched. Students are exposed to new vocabulary and experiences through books, instruction, speakers, fieldtrips, videos, taking turns and show and tell. Creative fun and play will assist students in socialization skills.

Art, technology and music exploration. Each of these areas is explored to build skills and retain the interest of the preschool student. Art projects provide students an opportunity to practice their emerging skills. Technology (including computers, distance learning networks, digital cameras and videotaping) enables our students to access tools to express themselves and extends their skill level. Music enriches the learning process with practice in listening, rhyming, patterns, and song.

Academic Expectations by Grade Level

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